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What's really important in your spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ?

Teachings OF Jesus

Christ's message of mercy and forgiveness and love thy neighbor as thyself and turn the other cheek et cetera came from his awareness of the intimate spiritual relationship we all share: because of the way we are all created in God’s likeness and image, some part of that unitary higher power literally exists within us all, and somehow we all share that oneness. Christ knew this oneness was in him, and he spent some time explaining to people that God is in all of us too, not him alone. It is a matter of truly knowing it and consequently living it, as he did. He made clear we are sons of God too and can know God like he did, that was the promise and that is the challenge, for we live an illusion of separateness obscuring the reality that we are all one in spirit. Christ taught that we should treat each other with the utmost love and respect, understanding that the divine part of us we all share is hurt by injuries to any one of us. As together we are conversely lifted by love, kindness, mercy, and forgiveness. This was the message of Jesus' life that he urged us to follow, the message that so many times has been derailed and misunderstood as superstition and used to justify monstrous worldviews and moral abuses. But Christ's message is not really lost and can be understood if you don't mind separating out the wheat from a whole lot of chaff. It takes work but it's worth the effort. Jesus explained how to live our spiritual lives in the same glory of God that he knew, to live with the light of God shining through us that he experienced, to become aware of our own 'son of God' nature as Jesus told us we could if we would only believe in him, listen to and understand him, and try our level best to live our own lives by his example. Everything makes sense in this paradigm, there are no contradictions, you don't have to talk youself into believing somebody else's superstitious magical thinking, you are free to make your life truly spiritually rich and rewarding. That is the worthy religion OF Jesus.

Teachings ABOUT Jesus

Religions ABOUT Jesus emphasize their window dressing, rituals, superstitions and magical thinking having nothing to do with real spirituality. They make a lot of promises of 'salvation' if you play your cards right and at the same time threaten eternal damnation in a kind of death cult fashion if you don't; death cult as in the heavenly reward you may if you're lucky enjoy after death, in this life there is naught but separation and suffering. You are expected to uncritically swallow church dogma and the bottom line is "believe so you'll be saved (and not go to Hell)". After death you supposedly get rewarded according to the specifics of your particular belief system.

Each belief system has its own dogma which everyone secretly has doubts about but goes along with anyway because all the other people around them do too in a mass display of social conformity where any nails that stick up even a little bit get quickly hammered down. Since there are a great number of things which don't make sense in religions ABOUT Jesus, many confusing and seemingly contradictory things must be accepted on "faith", synonymous for wishful or magical thinking. These are dysfunctional aboriginal forms of Christianity, wrong on many levels and for many reasons. They can fool you into thinking you're being spiritual but they are empty shells of superstititious nonsense, you might as well spend your time dancing around bonfires with a bone in your nose praising the Great JuJu for all the good they will do you.

What kind of Christian are you?

Be honest with yourself. Does the form of Christianity you follow encourage you to joyously acknowledge the Christ consciousness within yourself and others, or are you made to feel separate from Christ and fearful of God's punishment of eternal damnation if you dare question anything? Is everything about your spiritual life open to examination and questioning, or are you supposed to just believe what you are told? 'God fearing' religions are cults of manipulation and control, for nobody should ever fear God's unconditional love. All such fear-based versions of Christianity ABOUT Jesus are wrong for so many reasons our history is filled with atrocities from their abuses, and atrocities in the name of Christ continue today, the evil and stupidity behind them still justified by empty superstition. If your heart embraces those negative qualities uncritically you will probably not be happy with the ideas you'll find here, in which case you could just spare us any hater bandwidth and go away now. But if you have an open mind and some desire to truly understand Christ's message for you, welcome to the journey.

What kind of Christian do you want to be?

Jesus told us everything we need to know to pattern our lives by his example, he said we could come to know ourselves as Sons of God the Father as he did, and he didn't say it was necessary to die first. True spirituality in our lives is possible if Jesus was correct, and I am inclined to believe he was. You can choose to seek the Christ consciousness in yourself and know the unity with the loving Father that Jesus himself said is imaged within you. Everything makes sense from that perspective, you can know great peace and joy, and if you're fortunate you can experience your connection to God that's within you and know your place in the universe, discover and live the real purposes of your existence.

On the other hand a sense of complete separateness is possible to maintain through the worship of myths and legends ABOUT Jesus which have little or nothing to do with any spirituality, things like virgin birth and transubstantiation and in a kind of co-dependent spiritual belief paradox, Jesus dying for your sins. None of that is valid but it does characterize the bedrock belief systems of modern aboriginal Christianity and is strongly defended by the natives. Consequently we see the effects of their collective sense of separateness manifesting in the world as fear and hate and war and death, as it always has. If you don't want to be part of that you can be a positive Christian who seeks the light of love and peace through Christ's own teachings and example, but you should realize it is a huge commitment to live by Christ's example for the rest of your life. You need to understand that if you really want to be a spiritual person in Christ, just mouthing the right words and going to church on Sundays isn't nearly sufficient. You have a responsibility to stand up and make your voice heard for justice and mercy, for an end to killing and torture and oppressing people, the things you know in your heart that Jesus would be speaking out about if he were alive today in the flesh and on Fox TV. You know Jesus isn't going to be for more nuclear weapons, for more strife in the world, for torture and hate and greed and envy and theft and all the crimes unto others that many people who call themselves Christians today actually support. You know in your heart none of that is spiritual but is in fact destructive to your spirit. I implore you to not be that common kind of lazy phony Christian who fails to examine their own beliefs deeply, who wallows in superstition, who claims to believe in Jesus but behaves in very un-Jesus-like ways, who may have recently even justified war and torture out of the intense sense of separateness they choose to maintain. It's your choice which kind of Christian you want to be, but clearly the differences are as great as they are sharp and clear. Just understand whichever path to Christ you choose, embedded in that choice is the responsibility to properly use the brain that God gave you. Don't you want to take the path that you know in your heart leads toward what Jesus hoped for you?




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