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Ten Questions Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer

Logic and reason are powerful things. This very powerful video shatters ten of the underpinnings of contemporary aboriginal Christian theology but of course there are many more, there's just not time in one ten-minute YouTube video to nearly cover them all.

Viewers should understand that the author GIIVideo's emphasis on God Is An Imaginary Being references the Christian conceptions of God specifically in this video, even though the sense conveyed is that he would similarly extend it to Jews and Muslims and religious believers of all kinds and who knows, he may actually be an atheist. It's worth asking because atheism requires just as much of an irrational acceptance of a belief system as does any religion and would be amusingly ironic in this context.

However regardless of GIIVideo's personal views, the only truly rational position in the absence of any evidence of God pro or con would have to be agnosticism; a corollary to this truth is that evidence changes the equation. The catch is that by its nature almost any conceivable evidence for the existence of God has to be highly personal obtained for example through a near death experience or other kind of ecstatic direct God-encounter that is truly genuine and not just imagined. The kind of experience that if it does happen to you, it forms the core of your belief system because it doesn't get better than first-person evidence of God, you simply know the truth. That is the best kind of evidence. Other kinds of evidence are weaker. For example, while someone who's had a genuine first-person God experience of their own can know it with absolute certainty, it is just hearsay evidence to someone else, belief in which requires a leap of faith that may or may not be congruent with reality, there's no way to know, consequently invalid. Convincing yourself on the basis of flimsy evidence because you want to believe is only self-delusion.

There is however possible evidence for God in the complexities of the world and universe we live in. Historically this line of thought has been abused to ascribe proof of God to things that just seem too complicated to ever understand otherwise, equating ignorance with proof of divinity, generally falsely. For example the concept of vitalism where vitalism explicitly invokes a vital principle, that element is often referred to as the "vital spark," "energy" or "élan vital," which some equate with the "soul" was once ascribed to such mysterious things as chemistry and the functioning of the body, especially the internal organs. Piece by piece however the human body began to be understood

The neuroscientist Roger Sperry, in his Nobel Prize lecture in 1981, described modern scientific concepts of the nature of consciousness and its relation to brain processing as follows:

The events of inner experience, as emergent properties of brain processes, become themselves explanatory causal constructs in their own right, interacting at their own level with their own laws and dynamics. The whole world of inner experience (the world of the humanities) long rejected by 20th century scientific materialism, thus becomes recognized and included within the domain of science."[22]

That wouldn't invalidate a different kind of non-contemporary-Christian God that makes more sense. Interestingly enough, when things make sense they become testable, and I have a very strong feeling that we are on the threshold of being able to apply the rigors of science to explorations into God-consciousness. Already specific regions of the brain are known to become activated in religious experiences, and external stimulation of those regions with powerful magnetic pulses can evoke religious experiences. We learn more about the brain every day and I am confident that one day science will discover the seat of our individual consciousness and learn that it is a higher consciousness, bringing science and religion to common ground for the first time.

I love how this video pierces the fog of nonsense surrounding Christian religions ABOUT Jesus but leaves intact that the religion OF Jesus remains still a valid and worthy way to live one's life. So don't be too put off by the God Is An Imaginary Being part, GIIVideo doesn't really know that for sure in all possible contexts even though his observations are indisputably spot on in the case of the nonsensical aboriginal Christian God.

Why does every intelligent Christian disobey Jesus?

A logical follow-on the the Ten Questions video. Any person who calls themselves a Christian must if they are honest confront these questions with the aim of abandoning any superstitions they may hold ABOUT Jesus and learning to follow the religion OF Jesus -- except you don't have to cut your hand off and drink poison, that is all nonsense ABOUT Jesus! See the difference yet? Watch this video and you will!




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