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Superstition degrades Jesus' message into meaninglessness

Conventional Christianity Doesn't Pass the Sniff Test

Christopher Hitchens has described the many reasons better than anyone else is ever likely to, in the two short videos below. Every person who calls themselves a Christian must confront these issues face on or their denial becomes just another validation of Hitchens' worldview. Keep in mind his analysis applies to convential Christianity ABOUT Jesus, not to someone truly living the religion OF Jesus.

Why Christianity Fails 1 - Christopher Hitchens

Why Christianity Fails 2 - Christopher Hitchens

There is a better way to be a Christian than the invalid path Hitchens lays waste to: follow the religion OF Jesus instead of wasting your life misdirected in your worship of what other people have told you ABOUT Jesus. Jesus' fundamental message is very clear - live as he did by his examples and teachings - and he would be appalled today to see the way superstition and ritual have obscured and perverted that message. If you truly care about Jesus Christ you have to see that the only way to honor and respect him is to live by the principles he tried so hard even giving his life to teach you. What a shame if you don't get it but instead follow the priest's and preacher's machinations for you that are keeping you enslaved to their dogma. For as long as what you believe is wrong you will live your life against the teachings of Christ, in separation from truth and genuine spirituality which is supposed to be the whole point of Jesus' message to you. You're blowing it, in other words, and if there is to be any afterlife reward you can forget about any guarantees just because you "believe" and are "saved", it doesn't work that way in the first place but if it did you would not be judged a Christian if you didn't live your life by Christian values, but instead subverted them. For example the religiously-themed hate against Barack Obama and among those sympathetic to shooting abortion doctors is palpably Satanic, nothing Christian about some of those people. If you're one of them and you're reading this, you know who you are and you know you stand revealed but you will not want to admit it even to yourself. Only a certain part of you is rational and it is not the part that has been making choices about your spirituality. You need to wake up and maybe even take a cold shower, the world is a lot more complex and interesting than the magical fairyland you imagine it to be. Let reason and knowledge and science and history be your guides, knowing they include the teachings of Jesus which they are not incompatible with, but are often misconstrued to be so. Be a person of reason and imagine that Jesus is walking beside you everywhere you go, you're having a constant communication with him, everything you do he helps you understand the right thing to do in the circumstances you're in. You know he's not going to suggest you become a soldier to go kill people, not for any reason, you just know that if you have any even slight sense of who Jesus Christ was. You also know that Jesus would not think it any better for a nation to make war and do mass murder either. Yet why are so many so-called Christians so hawkish? What is wrong with them? A: they are worshipping a religion ABOUT Jesus which has been twisted to justify very non-Jesus-like behaviors, to the point of taking human lives. And that's somehow okay with a lot of so-called Christians even when they emotionally overreact to the death of embryoes and fetuses which aren't even quite fully human yet. Again it's all tied into pathologies derived from worshipping nonsense ABOUT Jesus instead of living the religion OF Jesus, bottom line of this website for Christ's sake, when will some of you ever GET IT? Give up your silly superstitions and be a real Christian!




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