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The culturally dominant view of God as an omnipotent "out there" being, completely separate and distinct from our own selves that leads to numerous superstition-based faiths ABOUT God and ABOUT Jesus (e.g. that they are one and the same in some mystical fashion unique to only them, along with a Holy Spirit), well that paradigm leads to certain logical questions which again illustrate the poverty of understanding contained within that culturally dominant view. If God is so powerful, why does he permit such suffering to go on in the world? How can a loving God treat his creations with such cruelty? What kind of psychopathic God would create a place for the eternal torment of his own creations who simply felt the need for real proof of his existence before "believing" in him? Conventional Christians like to dismiss these kinds of questions as "mysteries" or borderline heresy for questioning God's motives but in fact they are highly relevant questions that expose conventional Christianity for its "emperor has no clothes" quality. A thinking person does not blithely accept whatever they are told, they ask questions and actively seek to separate truth from falsehood. A thinking person does not shrug their shoulders and talk about "faith" as if that's some kind of adequate answer to the disturbing kinds of questions which must inevitably follow from the conventional paradigms ABOUT God and Jesus. On the contrary a thinking person permits themselves to mentally explore the ramifications of their belief systems and belief systems presented to them, in a kind of validity testing process that is necessary to avoid getting hornswoggled by any kind of con. Does the story really check out when examined closely? Well you're never going to find out if you refuse to examine it closely, are you? And if your story on close analysis ultimately boils down to be about a God that's evil and petty, well that's why there are so many atheists in the world, they are thinking people that reject the dominant cultural conceptions about God and Jesus. It's just impossible for a loving God to behave the way conventional Christians say he does, therefore either there is no God at all or else the Christian God if he does exist is not worthy of respecting. The following video by Maja is a wonderful expression of a fully thinking person working through the most meaningful questions every human being could and should be asking about the conventional Christian belief system and their potential role in it:

ALERT: Maja uses some foul language, do not expose yourself if you're a priss

But it doesn't have to be that way, God does not have to be evil to exist

Conventional Christian conceptions of God built on evil-God concepts are simply invalid. The truth is that God is everything in the final analysis, from the smallest specks of matter and energy and the mathematical laws of physics that guide them, to the highest expressions of consciousness we know in our own species. We are not separate from God, we only suffer the illusion that we are and we suffer from poor paradigms that reinforce the illusion. Once we understand this and learn to follow the religion OF Jesus instead of any religions ABOUT Jesus, everything falls into place, it all makes sense, there are no more ugly questions one dare not think lest one's belief system become invalidated. Consequently no fear of God can exist when you understand the truth of your existence, and your true spirituality can be allowed to flower. We all have spiritual potential within us but it is usually squashed by Fear Of The Lord into either some perverse form of Christianity or into outright rejection. Did you watch the video of Maja's Rant above? Well that angry and cynical young woman would clearly like to know a just and loving God but rejects a hateful one, and wisely so. Her only problem is that she is judging God from the perspective of conventional Christianity's set of paradigms which teaches separateness, not from the correct perspective that she and God are inseparable and one with everything. Her questions make clear her deep desire for truth though, which is the essence of seeking true spirituality. Maja is a seeker even though she rejects the superstitious nonsense of her dominant Christian culture that she feels so frustrated and cheated by. So that you won't go away with the misconception that she's some kind of one-dimensional atheist, observe her innate spirituality that she expresses in this video:




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