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At 11:03 PM 10/24/2008, Myrna wrote:

Christ is the author of spirituality and creator of the universe. The universe of it's own can do nothing for you. You're better off asking Jesus and he is faithful to provide.

Love, Myrna

Myrna I think you probably mean well, but I don't think you have the vaguest idea what Jesus was really about. You clearly express a concept of Jesus as being outside you, a separate entity, when the truth is that Jesus is within you, a part of you already. You can know the Christ consciousness in yourself when you understand that all consciousness is derived from the same source like drops from an ocean, Jesus and you and me and everyone and everything else. We are all reflections of the one exact same "image" that is God, with a tiny temporary bit of God-consciousness living in each of us. The only significant difference between you and Jesus is that he knew it, and with that realization Christianity finally makes sense. In a long game of Telephone the meaning and intent of Christ's message has been changed from following his teachings and living a religion OF Jesus, to today's fractured plethora of conflicting versions of religions and sects and cults ABOUT Jesus. ABOUT meaning sacraments and superstition and scripture and outward trappings of belief in a Jesus that is OUT THERE and not inside, which when you realize that, you know your proper relationship with Jesus and God and everyone else in the world. And live the religion OF Jesus.

Think about it.




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